The 10 Ways

Emotional Authenticity

Will Help You More


Emotional Intelligence.

1- Emotional Authenticity is based on the latest neuroscientific model of the brain and how it processes emotions. EQ is based on a brain model that was disproved before the book was written.

2- Emotional Authenticity shows you how all your emotion and feeling definitions are learned in childhood, thus giving you complete emotional self-awareness.

EQ does not. 

3- Emotional Authenticity provides a process to show you how those learned definitions are pain-filled, and emotionally sabotaging.

EQ does not. 

4- Emotional Authenticity provides a process to replace your self-sabotaging, pain-filled emotional definitions with new, empowering ones that reattach you to your authentic self.

EQ does not. 

5- Emotional Authenticity provides a process to reconnect you to your body and change your physical feelings, which is critical since we feel our emotions physically.

EQ does not. 

6- Emotional Authenticity provides a process to heal the hurt and self-sabotaging emotions from childhood so you can reclaim your authentic self.

EQ does not. 

7- Emotional Authenticity provides a complete codependence and relationship confrontation model, which makes it possible to be aware of others' feelings and emotions.

EQ does not.

8- Emotional Authenticity provides a process to overcome your emotional denial and self-deception, which you must have to live in your authentic self.

EQ does not. 

9- Emotional Authenticity provides the processes to achieve complete emotional self-awareness and the solution to living in your authentic self.

Eq does not.

10- So, while EQ forms the outer edges, only Emotional Authenticity solves your emotional self-awareness puzzle by filling in the middle, thereby completing your Authentic Self journey.

Emotional Authenticity is like graduating with your Doctorate in emotional intelligence.

The process of Emotional Authenticity involves engaging with your first emotional concepts and definitions and expanding your feeling words to describe them.

With this emotional and feeling specificity, you can grieve and let go of the pain from the past. Now that the emotions are no longer suppressed, there is space available to bring in new empowering emotional concepts and definitions.

Your brain can now shape itself based on these new positive emotional experiences.

By developing your Emotional Authenticity skills, you can effectively turn a self-sabotaging emotional experience into something that no longer resonates as a negative feeling or emotion.

You can create safe, healthy, loving relationships with this new emotional space.

With Emotional Authenticity, you are now in complete control of your emotional landscape with the ability to reclaim your authentic self. 

Reclaim your Authentic Self Today!

What Is My Emotional Authenticity Method


How Can It Help


Modern Neuroscience shows that every one of your thoughts and actions starts with an emotion.
Therefore, if any part of your personal or professional life is not where you want it to be, the source is emotional, and the solution is Emotional Authenticity. 

How does it work?

With a simple three-question process, you will see how your current emotions were learned in childhood, and you are stuck repeating them.
I call this the

Worst Day Cycle!

With your new emotional awareness, the classes provide a step-by-step healing process so that you can reclaim your authenticity.  
I call this the

Authentic Self Cycle.  

Discover how to heal

and recover from:

Childhood Trauma

Childhood Emotional Neglect




Negative Thought & Feeling Patterns

Toxic relationship patterns


Stress, Fear, & Anxiety

People Pleasing

And so much more!

The rest of the Emotional Authenticity Method includes:

1- 90 days of binaural audio affirmations

2- Three Steps To Emotional Authenticity

3- How to Love & Accept Your Perfect Imperfections

4- How to Look Yourself in the Mirror & Love It!

5- How To Break The Chains of Fear!

6- How to Put an End to People Pleasing and Say NO!

7- How to Break Free From Toxic Relationship Patterns

8- How to Set Healthy Boundaries

9- How to Create Lasting Love & Connection

More than 20 hours of video instruction and 26 Journey books give you the step-by-step Emotional Authenticity Method to reclaim your Authentic Self.

What Does The Worst Day Cycle consist of?


Since we are all human and perfectly imperfect, none of us escape childhood without experiencing trauma.

This trauma creates an emotional chemical addiction to reliving the fear that we experienced in those hurtful moments

We then experience shame which detaches us from our authentic selves and keeps us repeating the original trauma in our friendships, relationships, careers, hobbies, literally everything we do. It is not our fault, because no one told us that we are stuck in this cycle or how to stop it.

Because we lack in Emotional Mastery, the initial trauma overwhelms us so our only defense is to deny our authentic selves, our parents perfect imperfections and how we are repeating our pain against ourselves an adults. This is how denial switches from a defense mechanism into an attack mechanism if we don't address the Worst Day Cycle.

To end the Worst Day Cycle, we need the combination of the Authentic Self Cycle and Emotional Authenticity to reclaim our Authentic Selves.

What Does Authentic Self Cycle Consist of: 

The Authentic Self Cycle is the foundational principle of my Emotional Authenticity method. Both combine to combat the trauma, fear, shame, and denial of the Worst Day cycle, which sabotages our ability to manifest our destiny and live our legacy personally, professionally, relationally, and, most of all, within ourselves. The four pillars of the Authentic self Cycle are:


We accept that we have all experienced childhood pain, and those hurtful occasions have detached us from our authentic selves. Since our brain shapes itself by unconsciously repeating previous emotional experiences, we recreate our painful childhood as adults. We call this the Worst Day Cycle and accept that it is the source of our struggles. 


Although we are not to blame for our unconscious brain or our parent's perfect imperfections, we are responsible for every fortune or misfortune in our adult life. Therefore, to reclaim our authentic selves, we must take responsibility for the part we played and begin our healing journey. We accomplish this by committing to a self-discovery and healing plan. 


By consciously choosing to become experts in our perfect imperfections, we pursue attaining the knowledge, skills, and tools to reclaim ourselves through the process of Emotional Authenticity and any other modality we feel might be beneficial to our healing.


By pursuing the first three steps, we now accept that we are human, perfectly imperfect, and limited. As a result, we extend grace to ourselves and our perpetrators for all past and future mistakes. This acceptance cements our belief that we are always worthy and enough. 

The Result

Living the Authentic Self Cycle and working the Emotional Authenticity method sparks a new emotional neural pathway that reshapes our brain so we can manifest our destiny and live our legacy personally, professionally, relationally, and, most of all, within ourselves. With each rendition of this cycle, we reclaim another portion of our authentic selves.

13 Outcomes You Can Expect If you Don't Start Your Journey To Emotional Authenticity Today!

  1. The slightest thing will continue to ruin your mood and day!
  2. You will keep self-sabotaging and not know why or how to stop it!
  3. Your sadness, loneliness, emptiness, powerlessness, frustration, and anger will worsen!
  4. You will keep attracting and being attracted to toxic people who hurt you!
  5. You will stay a codependent people pleaser filled with resentment because you haven't discovered how to meet your own needs and wants and say no to others without feeling guilt!
  6. You will stay unable to forgive and not move on from those who hurt you, which lets them win!
  7. You will continue to chastise yourself for living your life below your potential!
  8. Your health will continue to decline!
  9. You still won't be able to look at yourself in the mirror and be proud of what you see!
  10. Your friends won't tell you how great you look and sound!
  11. Your family won't ask, "What's different about you? Why are you so happy?"
  12. You won't wake up excited for the day and pursue your life's dreams!
  13. You will take one more step towards living a life filled with regret knowing it all could have been different!

Don't Let These Outcomes Happen to You!

Oh my GOD!

Kenny, my life changed this weekend.

Your Masterclasses are incredible, and the videos are amazing. 

I just started on the codependent classes two days ago, and something hit me like a train! 

I’m both falsely empowered and disempowered. I’m an avoidant at first ….but then after a certain point, I flip!

And I pick people who do the opposite. No wonder I can't find love and a happy relationship. 

In a matter of DAYS, I can quite literally describe my life story and why I do what I do because of the lessons taught here. 
David 4/17/22

Are You Ready to Become an Expert in Your Journey to Being Your Authentic Self?

Each class plays an essential role in your Journey to Being Yourself.

It's like building a puzzle! Most courses only provide you with the content that builds the outside easy part.

Emotional Authenticity provides you with what you have been missing: the instructions to finish the middle of the puzzle. 

Emotional Authenticity Improves Your:

Mental Health

Interpersonal Skills

Stress Management

Work-life Balance

Self Confidence

Goal-setting & Achievement

Creates Positive Habits & Rituals

Family Dynamics

Chronic Health Issues

Emotional Authenticity Fits Your Schedule:
Your classes can fit into any busy schedule by starting your monthly subscription today.

There's no need to feel overwhelmed by trying to do everything at once – just start where you are today and work your way up as life allows. 

You Still Get More!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What type of results can I expect?

Nothing short of monumental and breathtaking.

To accomplish such a transformational change, you have to be committed to doing the work and putting in the effort.

How much effort does it take to see results?

I suggest you start by committing to 15 minutes a day. Watch one video and answer one question in the journey books. 

You don’t even have to do that every day. If you can accomplish that four days a week, you’ll be blown away at how much you learn and how quickly your life transforms. 

I've noticed people start spending a lot more time than 15 minutes a day because life starts getting so much better so quickly.

What if I need to cancel?

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